Friday, October 1, 2010

Fateful Distractions

My thoughts are the barbed wire of contempt
My dreams the lucid images of God
My hands broken but able to perform miracles

This is the will that guides me
This makes it all for naught
Will I be able to break through fate?

My dreams are a nightmarish raze
My mind a butterfly fluttering in despair
My heart is a weighty anchor lodged deep into my chest
I am solitude, I am loneliness, I am alone.

I race through the broken doorway
Unable to see what lies through
My legs ache with the pain of a thousand miles ran
My knees cry out like they do only when it rains
I will keep running through that doorway
Time and time again
Even though it’s a gaping chasm
That I think I can never fill.


  1. good poem. I like to write poetry too. It's very dark, I can related

  2. Damn... that poem rolls off the tongue well. I enjoy it a lot

  3. The rhythm is very smooth, even though there are no rhymes. I feel the sorrow and loneliness through your words.

  4. thats heavy stuff, i feel you.

  5. God you should be a professional poet you're so talented!

  6. I am inundated by an ocean of metaphors

  7. i like this, very poetic but with metaphors lol

    add me back

  8. poetry has always been relaxing and somewhat soothing to me, keep up the good work

  9. this is probably the best thing i've heard or read all day.

  10. excellent writing! look forward to more like this

  11. Wake up every day and feel like this... what do??

  12. This is a very trippy blog and I intend to follow it.

  13. Deep stuff bro. Also to answer the question you left on my blog - yes, those series are fairly old but that doesn't mean they aren't good.

  14. Did you write it?
    It's really deep and I'm probably going to have to read it through a few times before understanding it properly.

  15. useful indeed haha not as much as my reviews ;)

  16. @Keki: Yeah, everything on here is written by me unless I put it in quotes.

    Thanks for all the comments!