Thursday, September 30, 2010

There is something to be said about a person who sips their coffee while sitting on the toliet... and none of it is good.

Who I am

I am not lonely, I am a loner.  People who are lonely need others to comfort them.  Loners need only the people they choose to be around them, those worthy of their presence.  With greatness comes abandonment and avoidance.  I have too much pride to wholeheartedly compliment myself but I have accumulated power beyond my wildest imagination over my lifetime.  I can distort reality to a degree comprable to an omnipotent being.  I have not yet mastered direct physical modulation of reality besides the basics of a human but my psychic magic is great and can cut down thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a high level.

So small, so large

I often consider how unfathomably large the universe is.  How miniscule people are to the entirety of it.  We live on a planet in a vast solar system which takes current space probes  tens of years reach the outer planets.  It takes nearly a thousand yeras to reach the outer bondary of our solar system. Our solar system is one of millions that sit on one of the several arms in the Miiky Way galaxy.  The Miliky Way galaxy itself being one of billions of galaxies in the entire universe.

What is this blog?

A focus on observing and uncovering the intricacies which make up the universe and the mystery of life.

More to come...