Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Split

I've decided to branch this blog again. For those of you not familiar with my second blog it is all about awesome animals that I like and can be found at Animamules.

The third blog will basically be a dream journal. Nothing too profound unless the dream just ends up that way but, I warn you, I often have very strange and epic dreams. Or at least they seem epic when I'm asleep! The main idea here is to motivate me to keep a dream journal again.

As for the main blog here, I will be updating this tomorrow with something. I haven't decided yet but I want to keep it in the realm of some of my writing or philosophy. Thanks to all my readers for keeping me motivated to share more!

EDIT: Just posted my first entry in the dream journal and realized I should probably link it!  So here it is Father Flame's Dream Journal